I've always thought Valentine’s Day was the worst holiday to spend alone. After all, no other day of the year quite reminds you that you’re single like February 14. But instead of moping around and curling up on the couch with Netflix this year, I’ve decided to embrace my singledom with the perfect distraction: cooking.

Let’s be clear. Eating at home on V-Day doesn’t mean resorting to Lean Cuisine or burying your face in a pint of ice cream. No, I'm talking about indulging with a bit of dignity here! So, if you’re too embarrassed to admit you’re a party of one this year, treat yourself to some low-maintenance, delicious recipes that will make you forget you’re part of the singles club.

Chipotle-Lime Chicken Tacos and Broccoli-Radish Salad: The last thing you want to think about on V-Day is spending the entire night in the kitchen. Far more impressive than fast-food or a basic salad, this delicious taco recipe comes together in 15 minutes to offer a bold, comforting crunch.

Boozy Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: Chocolate wasted, anyone? I mean it’s not a night of pampering yourself without dessert, right? But baking can be tedious, so kick back with these melt-in-your-mouth shells for a sweet ending. And the best part about it? You get to keep all the chocolate and booze to yourself.

Photo: Randy MayorChampagne Pomegranate Cocktail: Scared to go it alone? Invite your single friends over for a healthy cocktail party and the perfect nightcap. I bet you'll be toasting to your happily single status with a delightfully-spirited and potent concoction before you know it.

While you're in the kitchen, be your own DJ with our Spotify playlist for all the single ladies! Because, frankly, you’re still flawless with or without a date.

If you're like me and find yourself alone for Valentine’s Day, don't settle for a depressing night in. Fall in love with food from the comfort of your own home and tag that selfie, “Eating and drinking alone tonight. #sorrynotsorry”

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