Earlier this year, we introduced you to FoodCorps service member Daniel Marbury. Today, Daniel is sharing a video he recently made with some students:

This video is the finished product of some of my time this spring partnering with an awesome teacher and amazing class of 5th grade students at Platte River Elementary in Honor, Michigan. Through a collaboration with the community nonprofit "Grow Benzie," these students have contributed towards efforts to increase school composting. Working together to write lyrics and performing for the song and video really excited students about the joy of decomposition. We are all happy to have such a fun song to share, which we hope will ripple out and encourage others to build up soil along with us. Staying in Northwest Michigan for a second year of FoodCorps service, I am excited to "graduate" with this 5th grade class next year to work with them at the 6th grade level to continue breaking it down, and cooking up healthy local foods at school.