This article originally appeared on All You.By Kathleen Mulpeter

That “whole paycheck” nickname is becoming less and less accurate: As a follow-up to last month’s popular 25-cent coffee deal, Whole Foods is offering another 25-cent discount, this time on cups of oatmeal.

Shoppers can take advantage of the deal, which is part of Whole Foods’ ongoing “Love Fest” campaign, at stores from October 14–October 27. During that time, small cups of oatmeal will be available for just a quarter at the hot bar until 10 a.m. daily. After that, the 25-cent coffee deal will resume from October 28–November 3, and shoppers can continue to nab discounted Allegro brewed tea or coffee.

“We always strive to bring shoppers more of what they value, so after seeing how much they enjoyed the great deal on coffee, we decided to create new offers,” said Whole Foods Market’s executive vice president of operations, David Lannon. During the 25-cent coffee promotion in September, the company sold more than 1.2 million cups.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for the latest Whole Foods 25-cent deal?

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