Music festival season is upon us! And with every new announced lineup, we get more and more excited to see our favorite bands. A few days outdoors with good music, good friends, and great vibes—what could be better? As you head out to your festival of choice, check out all of the options becoming more available to festival goers and tips below on how to stay healthy and hydrated all weekend long.

1. Find The Water FountainThe best way to stay hydrated, is to actually hydrate! If your festival allows it, bring your refillable bottle to the park. It will most likely need to be empty when you walk through the gate, but the first thing you should do is find the fountain to fill it up. You can also check out our awesome rubber band tip to keep track of your water consumption throughout the busy day of awesome bands and entertainment.

2.  Throwing ShadeStay safe from the harsh sun by applying sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! The more your body reacts to the sun, the more water you will need, so be sure to take care of your skin. Big hats, sunglasses, and big trees are your best friend—take advantage of the shaded areas in the park to pace yourself for a great time.


3. Find Sweet, Hydrating TreatsAvoid creamy desserts and sugary treats, and opt for treats that can help you hydrate and cure that sweet tooth at the same time! The best cure is a popsicle. Try to find flavors made from real fruit or coconut water. Popsicles will cool you down under the hot sun while helping you reach your hydration goals. Fruit "desserts" are great as well, providing built-in hydration and flavor satisfaction into sweet snacks.

4. One Drink, One WaterDrinking alcohol at a music festival can not only add to your calorie load, but those tall boys can be really hard on your body, especially if you pair it with lots of all day activity in the sun. Try sticking to a "one drink, one water" rule: for every beer or mixed drink you consume, pair it with at least 16 ounces of water.


6. Find Alternative HydrationLet me honest—sometimes, chugging water is just plain torture. You need a little flavor or "texture" to enhance the hydration experience. Go for sparkling mineral water or coconut water (watch the sugar content, though!) as a hydrating alternative. Another idea: See if you can find any ice—sometimes a nice bartender will have mercy on your sunburn and let you have a few cubes to reboot.

7. Stash the SnacksIf your festival allows it, packing extra energy bars and other sources of protein, fiber, and carbs are a great way to keep your energy up throughout the day. You never know when your blood sugar needs some assistance, especially when you're in the middle of jamming to your favorite band! Keeping a bar or two in your pack is some insurance that you can finish out the show before you head for the food stalls.

8. Go For the GreensAs easy as it can be to give in to the deep fried mac and cheese on a stick or funnel cake, scope out any local vegetarian or vegan options! Stick to filling options like hummus and falafel plates that won't be too heavy on your stomach in the heat. You can even make lunchtime out of fresh side dishes.

Photos and reporting are from the Austin City Limits Music Festival, October 2015.

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