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The gluten-free diet quickly rose from a diet necessity to a fad and now a lifestyle after research and personal testimonies showed numerous health benefits of leaving behind gluten. Though the thought of becoming gluten-free seems like a huge challenge, I assure you, it is not. I have been gluten-free for two years now, and I continue to find many delicious and nutritious foods that help me maintain a healthy diet while staying supremely satisfied. See what the hype is about, and try these 5 friendly gluten-free recipes.

1. Make a batch of oatmeal: As one of the most versatile whole grains, oatmeal goes with just about anything, from almond butter to fresh fruit. Here, we have a warm berry compote drizzled on top of 41 grams of whole-grain goodness. Pure Oatmeal is gluten free, but many companies cross contaminate with wheat. Look for gluten-free brands, such as Bob’s Red Mill Oats.

2. Cook up some quinoa: Packed with protein, iron, and fiber, quinoa is a great whole-grain source that creates easy tasty and healthy dishes in just minutes. You can bake, toast, or boil the grains. Add them to any of your favorite dishes for a whole-grain boost. Here, quinoa is baked inside tomatoes, and then topped with corn, poblano chiles, and loads of cheese for a melt-in-your-mouth ooey gooey dinner.

3. Ditch the cracker: Swap out your box of saltines, and create your own chips instead. Slow roast or lightly sauté your favorite fruits and vegetables for an alternative crunchy snack. A batch of plantain chips are a slightly sweet and salty treat.

4. Make an alternative pizza: Pizza is superb no matter the way that you make it. Throw some sauce, veggies, and cheese on any of these crust alternatives: portobello mushroom caps, tomatoes, baby eggplant, or zucchini. Toss them in the oven, and in just 20 minutes, you have a fresh gluten-free pizza.

5. Embrace the lettuce wrap: Swap bread for bibb or iceberg lettuce for a fresh alternative to your sandwich. Not only will you avoid gluten, but you will get a great dose of vitamins A and K in just one cup. Top off your lettuce with flank steak and a zesty sauce. For Beef Lettuce Wraps, be sure you pick up a gluten-free fish sauce.

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