Making a commitment always sounds easier than it really is. Let's face it, making a goal and sticking to it takes determination. What if starting a challenge didn't have to be so difficult to stick with? What if the commitment you decided to take was fun, inspiring, and exciting while benefiting you all along the way? That's what the #100HealthyDays Challenge has been for me.

Today marks day 19 of #100HealthyDays for me, and I have loved making one small change each day to make my life healthier and sharing it on my Instagram and our Cooking Light Instagram accounts. Here are my 5 favorite moments from the challenge so far.


Started My Day with a Protein-Packed Breakfast: Starting my week off right with quinoa, spinach, eggs, and avocado all in one bowl! Day 1: #100HealthyDays



Made Homemade Hummus: Husband/wife teamwork shelling two cans of chickpeas for our Longshore specialty, homemade hummus :) Day 7: #100HealthyDays



Tried a New Recipe: I gave the 3 ingredient pancake recipe a try this morning: 1 banana + 1 egg + 2 tablespoons of @cup4cup GF flour. I heated up some frozen blueberries and drizzled on top for my "syrup." The result? Crazy good. Day 13:#100HealthyDays



Planned and Prepped My Meals for the Week: Ready to start my short work week with an organized fridge and mason jar salads! Day 15: #100HealthyDays


Tried a New Fitness Class: Tried a new fitness class today and wowzas spin is the real deal.... May not be able to walk tomorrow. Day 8: #100HealthyDays

I've managed to make it to day 19, which probably marks the longest I've stayed committed to a challenge. Why? Because it's fun, easy, and reminds me that being healthy helps when I'm happy. This challenge is helping me carve out more time to get outside in the fresh air and walk with my family, order healthier options at dinner, drink more water, and try out more of our Dinner Tonight recipes that are ready in less than an hour.  When I don't have a pretty picture to post, I take a screen shot of one of our fun #100HealthyDays Badges.