This article originally appeared on Skinny Ms. By Skinny Ms.

It’s normal to wake up feeling groggy and energy-deprived. But feeling down can lead you to make poor choices throughout your day. Fortunately, a routine that includes these 5 Morning Rituals To Improve Your Health will revitalize your system and improve your mood.

1. Power up with breakfast. Live a fit life by nourishing your body with breakfast. Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories throughout the day. A nutritious breakfast also prevents your body from entering starvation mode and experiencing dramatic blood sugar spikes that induce cravings for carb-filled treats. Check out 10 Breakfasts in under 10 Minutes or 5 Healthy Breakfasts to Grab-n-Go for quick, nutritious options to squeeze into your busy schedule.

2. Cleanse and hydrate with water. Live a fit life by drinking water right after waking up. It’s no surprise that your brain, which is 75% water, needs this vital fluid to function optimally. Water provides immediate hydration and flushes unwanted toxins. It also does wonders for your cells and organs, allowing your body to continue functioning properly. Bored with plain old water? Check out Flush the Fat Away with These 5 Delicious Drinks! to add some zing to your morning while shedding excess fat.

3. Energize with exercise. Live a fit life by exercising in the morning! Many people lack the motivation to squeeze that workout in after an exhausting day. You might end up substituting the initial commitment with Netflix and a bag of chips. Exercising early can increase your energy levels and reduce stress. It also prompts a release of endorphins, allowing you to approach your day with positivity and empowerment. Feeling short on time? Try this 5 Minute Morning Workout to Kickstart Your Day or 5 Minute Rise-and-Shine Morning Workout. Everyone has 5 minutes!

4. Prioritize yourself with reflection. Live a fit life by truly acknowledging yourself in the A.M. It’s all too tempting to grab your phone upon waking up and proceed to check all forms of social media, bombarding yourself with other people’s stories. Exposure to outside information too early distracts you from thinking about your own goals and thoughts. Recognizing yourself before entering the overwhelming virtual realm of others will illuminate your own world. For added inspiration, assign yourself a personal mantra to live by and envision each morning. Check out our 25 Motivational Mantras.

5. Stir up some optimism with meditation. Live a fit life through meditation, but don’t be intimidated by the word! Meditation doesn’t mean a draining, two-hour session of sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed and head bowed. It simply means carving out a small chunk of time (even 5 minutes!) for stillness. Taking a few moments to notice your breath and take in the present enhances your awareness, filters out trivial thoughts, and anchors those you find important. This heightened concentration will help you in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.