Shoppers, rejoice! 365 by Whole Foods Market will open its first store May 25 in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The budget-conscious version of the original Whole Foods Market will be smaller in size, but will still provide the same quality that loyal customers have come to expect from the grocery chain.

Currently, Trader Joe’s and Gelson’s are the largest supermarkets in the Silver Lake area (the nearest Whole Foods Market is in suburban and family-friendly Glendale), but now Whole Foods is ready to take its place in the L.A. community Forbes named as America’s Best Hipster Neighborhood.

According to Whole Foods, the idea for the new chain of stores is that they “will offer convenience and everyday low prices on natural and organic products” with an emphasis on the 365 brand—the Whole Foods private label. As with most store brand items, costs of 365 products will be cheaper, but the store is going beyond price to provide customers with a unique shopping experience: The Silver Lake store will boast a craft brew coffee bar by the Whole Foods brand Allegro, a teaBOT self-serve tea kiosk, and vegan variety-filled offerings by CHLOE.

The partnerships with teaBOT and CHLOE are examples of the unique offerings that 365 by Whole Foods is hoping to provide in additional stores. The next two 365 stores will be opening later this year, the company also announced. A Lake Oswego, Oregon store will open in July, and a Bellevue, Washington location is slated to open in September. Plans are in motion for another 10 stores to open in 2017.

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