I’ve got a rolling roster of food blogs I check daily, and lately many of those have included kid blogs. These are not mommy blogs, mind you, but inspired, delicious thoughts and recipes developed by chefs and critics under the age of 11.

Their writing is honest, direct, and cheerful. They aren’t jaded by the many contrary voices in the blogosphere; they have no celeb-bashing or I-deserve-a-book-deal agenda. Plus, it is so much fun watching them experience foods for the first time, and amazing to see what they create.

Nine-year-old twin sisters Lilly and Audrey Andrews of Sonoma, California create healthy, beautiful recipes like creamy carrot soup with pea salsa on their blog, Twinchefs. They hate fast food, love mandarin oranges, and hope to cook with every great chef in America. The girls are now taking adult classes at Ramekins Culinary School and Events Center.

We love our resident kid chef, Matisse Reid, who field-tests our recipes with family and friends.  Her blog, Matisse’s Kitchen, is bright, fun, and informative, with product reviews, recipes, and videos.  She’s got a rather bold streak for an eleven-year-old: watch her clean and filet whole squid or joyfully crack open a lobster.

Scottish blogger Martha Payne, also nine, began NeverSeconds last April, aiming only to share a picture of her daily school lunch. Soon she was receiving lunch pics from kids all over the world, raising money for a school kitchen in Malawi (she traveled there to complete the project last month), and was honored by Jamie Oliver. It’s fascinating to see what other kids eat (a croissant filled with Za’atar in the UAE, adorable bento boxes in Japan), and Martha is a lovely guide.

Who are your favorite kid bloggers? Let us know in the comments.