Happy Halloween! These spooky snacks, sips, and treats are perfect for hungry trick-or-treaters and parents on the move. All are easy to make ahead and portable, great for block parties or a casual gathering before you head out into the neighborhood.


Hibiscus and Blood Orange Punch

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

Deep red hibiscus tea, fresh blood orange juice, and sparkling wine or cider give this Hibiscus and Blood Orange Punch plenty of drama. This bubbling witch’s brew is refined sugar-free, and much lower in added sugar than a soda or fruit juice-based drink.

Chicken and Garlic “Vampire” Dip

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

Okay, so this creamy, cheesy Chicken and Garlic “Vampire” Dip may not really scare away any ghouls, but it sure is delicious. Serve with vegetables and whole-grain crackers as a wholesome, satisfying bite when you need a break from sweets.

Mini Chicken and Basil Meatball Hoagies

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

Olive “eyes” and basil leaf “hair” make these Mini Chicken and Basil Meatball Hoagies a fun addition to your Halloween spread. You can use halved mini pita pockets or slider buns instead of the rolls.

Chocolate-Almond Butter Cups

Credit: Cooking Light

You won’t believe how easy these homemade Chocolate-Almond Butter Cups are to make, a great alternative to the traditional candy for those with peanut allergies. Remember to leave time for each chocolate layer to set completely in the freezer.

Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

Credit: Cooking Light

Whole-grain popcorn, coconut flakes, and spicy wasabi peas make this Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix special—a fun mix of textures and flavors rather than a salt bomb. Be sure to stir the baked mix occasionally as it cools to avoid clumps.

Granny Smith Moscow Mule

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

Tart green apple and warm whole spices add a taste of fall in these Granny Smith Moscow Mules. Ginger beer is nonalcoholic (we love one with a great kick). You can omit the gin for a virgin drink or sub vodka or bourbon depending on what you like.

Matcha-Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Credit: Cooking Light

We love the bumpy, scaly look of these Matcha-Chocolate Crackle Cookies. The matcha (green tea powder) adds a faint grassy note, but won’t keep kids from enjoying them. Use dark cocoa for intense chocolate flavor.

Devil Eggs

Credit: Cooking Light

Yes, these Devil Eggs are a not-so-clever play on words, but we couldn’t resist. The filling is based on classic Southern Pimiento cheese, with sharp cheddar, hot sauce, and diced pimientos. Use two olive slices for a pair of eyes or just one for a Cyclops egg.

Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Hummus

All things orange are welcome on Halloween, why this Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Hummus is perfect for the holiday. You could also make a black bean hummus for a black and orange duo.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Apple Wedges

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

Whole candy-coated apples are a bit unwieldy for little trick-or-treaters (and let’s face it, not really worth finishing after the coating is gone). These Chocolate-Peanut Butter Apple Wedges have the perfect ratio of topping to fruit, and are super fun to eat.

Cookies & Cream Marshmallows

Credit: Photo: Kelsey Hansen

These homemade “skull and bones” Cookies & Cream Marshmallows taste exactly like the classic ice cream flavor. The crunchy bits of cookie stay suspended in the pillowy marshmallow mixture for a fantastic bite.