You can finally personify your love for lunch with the new sandwich emoji and other essential foods you’ve been missing, including one canned item that will make you LOL.
Credit: Photo: Miguel Medina / Getty Images

Old, young, and everyone in between will be stoked to hear that Apple has confirmed a slew of new emojis being made available to everyone later this year – and your foodie Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot better.

It might come as a shock to you, but the social media landscape has been living without a sandwich emoji up until the Unicode Consortium decided to include this much-needed emoticon in their 10.0 update. The much-anticipated depiction of everyone’s favorite lunch includes two slices of white bread, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, golden-yellow American cheese, and what appears to be ham – not Spam, surely.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Emojipedia

The other food items that will revolutionize your daily texts include a juicy cut of steak, a salted pretzel, a freshly baked pie, a tropical coconut, and a lush broccoli head. You can even express your love for carbonated caffeine with the new soda-cup emoji.

Credit: Photo: Courtesy of Emojipedia.

Apple also has you covered when it comes to Asian cuisine. Chopsticks, a plump dumpling, fortune cookie, and a noodle takeout carton are among the new updates.

But by far the best new emoji for foodies and home cooks alike? The canned jar of what looks like tomato paste. Social media’s take on pasta sauce will just never be the same.

We’re loving the new options in this update, with the social media landscape now catching up with real-world social conventions like the new Breastfeeding Mom emoji. You can look for other new go-to emojis in Unicode’s update right here.