...And found some surprising favorites! (But now we have a stomach ache.)

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun to celebrate—especially when really good chocolate is involved. And trust us, not all chocolate is equal.

So if you’re considering treating your sweetheart to anything that comes in a heart-shaped box, or comes from the "seasonal" aisle of a drugstore, you should reconsider your choices and opt for something else.

Luckily you don’t have to break the bank to find something of much higher quality. Nor do you have to travel to the ends of the earth for it. In fact, we tried six options from Trader Joe’s that are not only tasty, but also high-caliber enough to be worth sharing with your favorite person as a treat. And we found something for everyone: From ultra-dark chocolate to birthday cake-flavored white chocolate. We tried them all and then picked our favorites.

Watch the video to see which ones we we’d gift to our special someone this Valentine’s Day, and which ones we thought might cause a breakup.

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