And to make it tougher, they had to wear blindfolds.

You guys, during these last few months of doing the Cooking Light Taste Test, we've tried a lot of strange stuff in an effort to figure out which healthy snacks are good (and which are actually healthy).

We've gulped down vinegar, we've eaten kids' snacks, we tried everything made with pumpkin spice (I mean everything). And most of the time we don't know what we're tasting ahead of time. But this was the first time they actually made us wear blindfolds.

Eating while not being able to see is strange. But in this case, it was really limiting. You see, Jaime and I were tasting both both actual and alternative-meat versions of meatballs, chicken fingers, breakfast patties, and nuggets. And often, being able to see what the product is made from makes it all too easy to tell if it's real or fake.

Instead we had to rely solely on our sense of touch, smell, and taste. You'll have to watch the video to see how we fared, but I'll confess that the seven years I spent as a vegetarian early in my life really came in handy. I was even confronted with one food that immediately brought back some fond, nostalgic memories.

But most surprisingly (especially as we're both meat eaters now), it turned out that our favorite product this round was vegetarian—and one we both agreed on!

Watch the video above to see what happened. And be sure to comment on the Facebook post and tell us whether you like to eat alternative meats, and if so what your favorites are. Or check out our playlist on Youtube for more videos.