We scoured the supermarkets for healthy pumpkin spice snacks. Here's what we thought.

If you watched last week's video, you saw Jaime Ritter and me begin to sample more than a dozen different pumpkin and pumpkin-spice flavored snacks and foods from the grocery store.

We tried lattes, yogurt, breakfast pastries and soup, all while surrounded by fake fall leaves and dozens of pumpkins, and while wearing jack-o-lantern head boppers.

This week, we continue to explore the depth and breadth of what can be done with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of allspice.

This week we focus on snacks and desserts. We taste a marshmallow that's just bursting with spice, a  more reasonably-flavored, yogurt-covered snack bite, a granola, some dessert wafers, tortilla chips (yes, tortilla chips), a cookie, and one decidedly unhealthy option that completely surprised both of us.

I mean, why our producers would even include it in our lineup, I don't know, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what it was.

In the end, I think we both found a couple of very healthy and very delicious pumpkin spice-flavored treats to keep in our pantry, and we have both been fully indoctrinated into the season. I'm wearing a thick sweater and getting ready for a bonfire as I write this.

To find out what we loved, and what we didn't, be sure to watch. And as always, leave a comment on Facebook—or YouTube, where you can subscribe to the channel and watch all of our videos so far.