Just in time for Thanksgiving, we put our maple radars to the test.

This week on Taste Test, Chris and I tried maple-flavored snacks. While your mind’s eye might conjure images of sticky-sweet syrup-coated goodies, not all of the snacks we tried were sweet. One was actually really spicy, but more on that later.

To start, we tried a shot of maple syrup (seriously). It was weird drinking it straight, but helped us gauge what “real” maple should taste like. Chris loves to put maple syrup in coffee, so he was ready to take on this taste test.

Then we tried Brown Cow maple yogurt, which was super sweet and delicious, and also my favorite snack we tried this week. It’s a little higher in sugar and sat fat than we usually recommend, but if you’re looking for a sweet treat this would definitely fit the bill.

Next we moved on to Clif Family Maple Curried Cashews and Peanuts. Going from maple yogurt to super spicy nuts was not a good move on our parts. They didn’t taste much like maple at all, and kind of burned our tongues.

Watch the video above to see what other maple snacks we tried—and then comment on our Facebook or Youtube pages and let us know what your favorite maple-flavored snack is!