If you're avoiding wheat and gluten, there are a lot of crackers to choose from. But they're not all healthy or tasty.
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Back in the days when most stores only sold three kinds of crackers (Triscuits, Wheat Thins, and Ritz) you were more or less out of luck if you were avoiding wheat. But nowadays there are more gluten-free options than ever.

Unfortunately, they're not all healthy. Gluten-free doesn't mean low sodium, or made with good ingredients. And they're also not all tasty. So Jaime and I did what we do best: We tasted six different flavors from two different brands, and we looked closely at the nutritional info to see how they stacked up.

Neither Jaime or I are gluten-free, which means we were considering the taste of these as crackers, and comparing them to our favorite wheat-based options as well. The good news is that there are plenty of tasty varieties out there, and our favorites are good enough that I'd consider putting them into regular rotation at our house—even as a gluten-eater.

On the other hand, there were some that weren't as good—and one flavor that I just did not care for. Our favorites ended up being the CrunchMaster Applewood Smoked BBQ, and Milton's Multigrain Baked.

I loved the smoked barbecue crackers, despite disagreeing that they tasted much like barbecue at all. Instead they tasted more like sweet chili (though there was definitely a smoky thing happening).  And they came in surprisingly low in sodium, with only 100mg per 15-cracker serving.

Jaime liked the versatile multigrain flavor, which had a definite rice-cracker taste (rice is the first ingredient), a good amount of saltiness (there's 250mg per 14-cracker serving, which is still reasonable), and a really decent crunch. We both agreed it would go well with dip, or with slices of cheese.

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