If this video is hard to watch, it’s because it was really hard to drink four shots of vinegar in a row.

Drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar every day reportedly benefits everything from your gut microbiome to blood sugar levels, to seasonal allergies.

Since cold and flu season is among us, we wanted to try a few out for ourselves—both to see how they taste, and to see if we could feel a difference (Chris's seasonal allergies have been acting up).

So Chris and I took shots of four different flavors of apple cider vinegar from Vermont Village. To be perfectly honest, this was a lot. As always, we didn’t know what the flavors were—and we had a tough time trying to guess!

It turns out that shooting four straight shots of vinegar is not for the faint of heart. Both of us (unsurprisingly) felt a little queasy after this particular taste test. We both agreed, however, that if we had diluted the vinegar with water (which is one of the suggested methods), they would’ve been much easier to drink.

The flavors we tried included turmeric, ginger, blueberry, and cranberry—and they all included honey.

We didn’t correctly guess any of them—in fact, most of them tasted like just vinegar and honey. But Chris and I both agreed the turmeric flavor was best, in that it could (kind of) stand up to the strong vinegar taste.

To see what we thought—and how we reacted—to this week’s shots, be sure to watch the video above, or catch it on Facebook or YouTube. And as always, if you like it, be sure to comment and subscribe to the channel. You can watch all of our videos right here, and we'll be back with more tasting next week.