This week, we got squeaky.

There are a lot of great reasons to eat cheese. It's delicious, of course, but it's also surprisingly good for heart health, and packed with nutrients. We love all kinds of cheese, and especially trying new varieties.

So Jaime and I were super excited when we heard that next Monday it would be National Cheese Curd Day, and the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin would be sending us a bevy of cheese curds to celebrate.

Though of course we knew we'd be tasting cheese curds (the giant cheese hat I was wearing gave it away), as always we didn't know what kind of curds we were noshing on until afterward. We had five different flavors to try.

The first was plain—and was plainly delicious, and extra squeaky. If you haven't squeaked on a cheese curd before, it's an eerie experience. It's a bit like hearing a door swing open in your head, as you chew.

After that, we tried garlic, Cajun, dill, and even ranch-flavored curds. There was an awkward moment where I very confidently decided that the Cajun flavor was, in fact, Sun-dried tomato and pizza. Jaime (who has the better nose) nailed the flavor profile, but then I talked her out of it. She was vindicated, however, when we found out what it was.

Find out which were our favorites (and which we didn't care for), by watching the video above. And as always, if you like the video be sure to comment on Facebook or YouTube, and while you're there, subscribe to our channel. You can watch all of our videos so far, and we'll be back with more tasting next week.