We tell you what they taste like—and whether they really work.


If you've been paying any attention to trends in wellness, you've probably heard the term "CBD" and know that it has something to do with a legal (or not exactly illegal) form of hemp.

It's not marijuana, and it's not going to get you high—but what is it exactly? CBD is the shorthand name for a compound technically named cannabidiol, that's found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Proponents claim it can do everything from manage anxiety to relieve pain, though there haven't been a lot of formal studies yet, and the FDA doesn't allow manufacturers to make health claims.

But that hasn't stopped the edible CBD industry from practically exploding with new products, from candy, to sparkling water, to coffee, and more. And because CBD isn't psychoactive, and isn't part of the list of federally restricted substances, it's also available in nearly every state.

But what does it actually do to you? And (maybe more importantly) what does it taste like? Jaime and I decided to find out, and in the name of science (or at least good video) we tried nearly a dozen different products to see how they tasted. And then we spent a day at work trying to assess exactly what effect it had.

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We ended up trying a variety of things, not all of them healthy: We ate gummies, and sipped eye-droppers of oils, we drank earthy-tasting soda waters, munched on chocolate, and tried some crunchy snacks. Ultimately, we ate a lot of CBD. Thankfully we did all this on a Friday.

Though there's no “official” dose, one site we looked at suggested an optimal dose was between 18 and 27 mg for a person weighing between 150-240 lbs in mild to "severe” pain. Calculating up all the samples we tried, Jaime and I estimated we ingested more than 90 mg each.

So what happened? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

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