Do these apple snacks scream “fall”, or “fail”?

Target is a magical place to shop, especially in the fall. Come October, there’s an aisle full of seasonal treats just waiting for you to try them—but are they really worth buying? Chris and I tried six apple-flavored seasonal snacks from Target, and we’re dishing on which ones were our favorites (plus, which ones you should skip altogether).

This week, we tried everything from apple pie Oreos (which are not Cooking Light-approved), to apple granola, to apple chips. Some were tasty, some were healthy, and then there were some that missed the mark on both nutrition and taste.

There was one snack, however, that Chris and I actually both liked the best. Target’s limited-edition Archer Farms Apple-Cinnamon Trail Mix was really tasty, and even though it’s pretty high in sugar we thought a little bit would go a long way mixed into a bowl of oatmeal or Greek yogurt. And for a one-in-a-while treat, it’s definitely better for you than candy.

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