You can't cook every meal—but you can still be healthy. That's the point of our new section, Good Food Fast.
Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

It happens every year: The end of summer. The commute gets hairier as everyone comes back from vacation, life gets busier as kids head back to school, and fall activities soon melt into the craziness of the holidays.

Just when it feels like it's most important to start cooking healthy meals again, schedules get tighter, and it becomes nearly impossible to cook every meal. Whether it's after school activities that make dinner hard to assemble, or just the impossibility of figuring out what to make for lunch when you're out of leftovers, sometimes you just have to buy your food ready-made.

Which is why we're launching a new brand. It's called Good Food Fast, and you can find it on our site, in the magazine, and on Instagram.

Good Food Fast will be highlighting the tastiest, most convenient, and healthiest drinks, ready-made meals, snacks, and other products—often recommended by our staff nutritionists—to help you stay healthy and hopefully make life just a little bit easier.

And we want your help too, because we can't keep an eye on everything that's out there! If you find something delicious and healthy, post a photo and tag us (, whether it’s a killer smoothie bowl from your local juice bar, a heat-and-heat meal you're keeping in your office fridge, or a sandwich you picked up that’s almost too pretty to eat. Give us a follow while you're there, and we'll keep you updated on healthy eats and scrumptious treats.