These coffee-friendly milk alternatives aim to make a more frothy, creamier latte.  
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Adding non-dairy milk to your favorite cup of joe isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. Sometimes it curdles, sometimes it won’t properly foam, and it can often make your java taste a tad watery. And if you go to the pros at your local coffee shop, it can become an expensive habit, as some shops charge over a dollar for the addition of non-dairy milk. Thankfully, more brands who sell milk alternatives are coming out with “barista blends,” or coffee-friendly lines that are more stable and heat-resistant.

Elmhurst just released their latest line of “Barista Blends,” made with almonds, brown rice, and oats, respectively. They’re labeled “the plant-based answer to coffee’s possibilities,” and we just had to see how they would work in a steamer. Our staff was pretty divided on which flavor was best—here’s what they thought about each one.

Milked Brown Rice

A few staff members said this flavor was their favorite, as it was mild and had the perfect amount of sweetness. Although it didn’t foam as well as the other two plant-based milks, it was a big hit (besides a few tasters who said it was too earthy.) It was also the lowest in calories and fat, at 70 and 0.5 g, respectively, per an eight-ounce serving.

Milked Almonds

The almond flavor was pretty polarizing. OK, so it wasn’t anyone’s favorite, except for our staff’s resident vegan (who also happens to be the author of this article, and strongly believes her plant-based opinions should be trusted). One thing everyone agreed on, however, was that it foamed very well. This flavor clocks in at 90 calories and 7g of fat per serving.

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Milked Oats

This flavor was a favorite for several of our tasters, while others thought it was too gritty. The milked oats foamed extremely well, and had a creamy, thick mouthfeel. It is perfect for those used to oat milk, but those who usually turn to almond or soy milk should know that it definitely tastes like oats. This flavor touts 80 calories and 1g of fat per serving.

The bottom line: All three flavors were great, and we’d definitely drink any of them in our morning latte (although the “best flavor” debate is still strong in our office.) While these plant-based milks may cost a little more than dairy milk, you’ll save big on calories, fat, and sugar. And for dairy-free coffee drinkers, these milks are a no-brainer.