We tried 4 unusual dried fruits—these aren't your raisins or cherries. Here's what we thought.

This week on the Cooking Light Taste Test, Chris and I tried four different types of unusual dried fruit. Instead of raisins, cherries, or other other berries, our producers went to the bulk bin section of our local natural foods store and found some of the more unusual varieties for us to sample.

As always, we had no idea what we were trying ahead of time. Some of them—like kiwi and starfruit—were pretty easy to figure out by their shape and color. Others we had a hard time guessing (looking at you, papaya!)

Though these dried fruits were delicious, they were all candy-sweet, raising concerns about the amount of sugar. The not-so-great part about buying from bulk bins is that, while you can see the ingredient list, the nutrition facts aren’t always available.

Through a bit of Googling, we found that a handful of similar dried fruit had almost 40g of sugar per serving! So, while some of them were tasty, you'd definitely want to go easy, and use them sparingly as an ingredient in a dish, as opposed to just snacking directly on them.

Chris loved the way the dried papaya tasted, and I loved the dried kiwi, but we both agreed that a little bit of each would go a long way chopped up into homemade granola or sprinkled on top of Greek yogurt—for breakfast, or for an after-dinner snack. They'd also work well as a topping for oatmeal.

You can find out more about all these, and what we thought, by watching the video above. And as always, if you like the video be sure to comment on Facebook or YouTube, and while you're there, subscribe to the channel. You can watch all of our videos so far, and we'll be back with more tasting next week.