Could apple be the new pumpkin spice?
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This week on the Cooking Light Taste Test, Chris and I tried six apple-flavored snacks. As always, we had no idea what we were trying ahead of time.

First up, we tried Noosa’s Caramel and Apple Yoghurt. It was a super interesting snack because the container is actually divided into two flavors: caramel and apple. The caramel side is super creamy and sweet, while the apple side is tart and bright. Mixed together, it tasted like—you guessed it—a caramel-dipped apple. We loved it, but the sugar and calories were a little high, so you’d definitely want to eat it as a “sometimes” treat.

Next, we tried Dewey’s soft-baked apple cookies (we tried the pumpkin version in our last taste test video) and the texture was still just a little too soft for us. Another thing that was a little too much on the mushy side? Del Monte’s Fruit & Oats. The chia seeds made the texture slimy and slightly off-putting.

We also tried some harvest-flavored kombucha, an organic applesauce packet, and a new KIND bar. You can find out more about what we thought by watching the video above. And as always, be sure to comment on Facebook or YouTube if you loved the video, and while you're there, subscribe to the channel. You can watch all of our taste tests so far, and we'll be back with more tasting next week.