Don't drive home and change or skip out on going out with friends after your yoga session.


Ah. June 21. International Yoga Day—the most peaceful and blissful day of the year.

We can see it now—Instagram flooded with posts of yoga at sunset, yoga on the beach, yoga with city skyline views, yoga in the studio, Downward Dogs (yes, no shame if this is the only pose you know), Scorpions, handstands, headstands, Peacocks, and Warrior poses. 

Die-hard yogis and amateurs alike will all gather around on their mats to celebrate this beloved activity and strike a pose. But yoga isn't just a form of exercise—it's truly a way of life. For many, it's that essential balance needed to get through the day. 

Don't say to yourself, "Namaste in the house and reheat last night's dinner" because you don't want to deal with driving home  after your yoga session to change into something socially acceptable. 

From "Om" to "yum", here are five pieces you can sport straight from your International Yoga Day festivities to any casual dining experience—and no one will even notice that they're workout clothes. 


1. The T Back Lattice Tank, Athleta ($69). This flattering tank in black or "Abyss" green is so chic. 


2. The Headstand Tank, Athleta ($64). From headstands to head of the dinner table, this tank is so sleek, you could wear it almost anywhere. (Would totally pair with black skinnies for any casual occasion.) 


3. The High-Rise Serpent Chaturanga Tight, Athleta ($79). These slenderizing, edgy high-rise fit yoga pants help keep everything tucked in tightly for maximum yoga performance. SO EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. Plus they're shimmery—and who doesn't love to shimmer? (P.S. These pants are half off in the "Ancient Forest" green color, so go buy them—like right now.) Related: The Best Yoga for Weight Loss, Strength, and More from Shape 


4. Side Split Tank, Athleta ($27.99-$49). From splits to splitting a meal with your bestie, look no further than this loose, less form-fitting tank (available in a variety of colors).  


5. Studio Wrap, Athleta ($89). Everyone should own one of these (yogi or not). SO SOFT. And for those of you who are freezing every time you go out to eat (guilty), this will keep you warm and cozy.