As the face of "The New Healthy," Jamie Vespa is here to help you fall in love with delicious and healthy staples that will love you back.
Credit: Courtesy of Jamie Vespa

In the age of social media personalities, Jamie Vespa MS, RD has built a brand that celebrates the glory of healthy eats – not because you have to eat healthy, per se, but because the food itself is wonderfully delicious and you’ll actually want to eat what she shares with her audience.

There’s no room for shame in Jamie’s brand – the social media hysteria of trends and fads is not what pushed Vespa into her love of wholesome nutrition and culinary excellence. She says, "You should never put someone down when it comes to food. Food is personal and it should be celebrated."

Jamie's foray into highlighting specific superstar ingredients starts with her take on a supercharged salmon dish, the Big Omega Sandwich. And it's also led to Cooking Light's first series premiering on Facebook Watch, "The New Healthy."

Vespa is a firm believer that healthy eats don’t have to be boring and rigid: healthy ingredients can be prepared by most anyone and enjoyed deliciously, and more importantly, help to improve your entire life. Jamie traces back her zest for sharing the best ingredients with avid cooks of all levels – who wish to organically fall in love with healthy eating – to the resounding happiness she feels when she’s in the kitchen.

“I think people overcomplicate healthy eating these days,” Vespa says. “It’s about going back to the basics, enjoying whole foods that make you feel good, and not thinking in terms of what you should avoid but what you should get behind.”

And Jamie loves that her audience understands that it's okay to be human – there’s nothing to feel guilty about when your diet includes the occasional splurge. “It’s all about balance, and that means not having to give up the foods you love just because they may not be nutritional all-stars.”

“Social media especially can be a place of fear mongering, where people label foods as “bad” or “toxic” and we’re convinced we need to avoid them,” Vespa says.

Even though Jamie mostly shares the best recipes that she cooks to make her feel great, it’s clear that she practices what she preaches – there’s few things better than a night on the couch enjoying more than one glass of wine and some quality reality television.

It’s rare to see Jamie outside of the kitchen, but you can often find her on mountainous hiking trails or running paths and weight training in the gym (or catching up on Bravo reruns).

Jamie first earned her bachelor of science in dietetics at Florida State University before chasing her love of nutritional health to earning her Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition at FSU as well. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, she’s a diehard Nole and always finds time to keep herself grounded in colligate athletics, a reflection of the admiration she has for the school where she spent some of the best years of her life, she says.

She’s very excited to spend some time highlighting the very best ingredients in the industry today and how you can maximize their benefits, and tastiness, in your own home. The journey to a holistic approach to the bare bones of what healthy means now is the cornerstone of Vespa’s work, and she can’t wait to share that with all of you. You can follow along as Vespa explores "The New Healthy" by watching new episodes right here.