This whimsical read tackles silly kitchen questions and culinary conundrums. 
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If you have a little one who can't wait to help you stir brownie batter or crack a few eggs, then we have the book for them. Covering everything from ingredients to cooking techniques, What's Cooking? is a unique children's book for the budding foodie in your life.

Full of interesting word play by author and food critic Joshua David Stein, and vibrant illustrations from Julia Rothman, this book may inspire you to hop up from your reading nook and head into the kitchen. Featuring zany vignettes that ask questions like "Can I jam clams?" or "Is this a very old grape or a very new raisin?", it's definitely a unique piece of literature that will keep little ones interested. 

Balancing equal parts silly and serious, What's Cooking? is a children's book centering on food that begs to be read aloud. Each page covers a culinary feature such as foreign foods, kitchen techniques, and cookbook vocabulary. If your kid is rearing and ready to be in the kitchen constantly, pick them up a copy today. What's Cooking? is available for $12 on