All recipes have undergone meticulous evaluation to ensure they abide by the American Heart Association's strict nutrition guidelines.
Credit: Sun Basket

Sun Basket is the first meal kit service to obtain the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check certification. Starting October 30, the company will deliver pre-measured organic and sustainable ingredients and easy-to-cook recipes weekly right to your door. 

The recipes will be part of Sun Basket’s Lean & Clean menu, a weight management meal plan designed to help consumers eat healthier. Identified by the iconic Heart-Check mark that has been on food packages and in grocery stores since 1995, all recipes in the plan have undergone meticulous evaluation to ensure they abide by the AHA's strict nutrition guidelines.

Adam Zbar, founder and CEO of Sun Basket, says, "Growing up, my dad who's a doctor always impressed upon me the importance of a healthy diet, particularly in preventing heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in America, impacting more than 600,000 people each year. That's one in four deaths in America, and more than one death on average every minute.  Given the importance of diet on heart disease prevention, I'm excited to offer recipes that meet AHA's guidelines for a heart-healthy diet."

All recipes are original and are prohibited from including bacon, butter, candy and confections, full- and reduced-fat dairy, pudding, whipped toppings, tropical oils, and/or dietary supplements. All recipes must also be less than 600 calories and can’t exceed sodium limits set by the AHA. Like all Sun Basket meals, these nutrient-dense recipes feature organic and sustainable produce, hormone and antibiotic-free meats, and sustainably sourced seafood.

Sun Basket’s nutritionist, Kaley Todd, MS, RDN, says, “Although our heart healthy plan limits saturated fat and sodium, it is rich on flavors and nutrition. These meals are packed with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and good fats. Rather than relying on salt, we utilize lower sodium options like spices, herbs, citrus zests and vinegars to maximize flavor. We are showing customers that heart healthy eating isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed.”

We love that these meals are low in calories and sugar and high in fiber and protein, but still easily accessible for busy people all over the country. You can purchase the meal plan starting from $70 for three meals for two people each week, and meals can be customized for the number of people in your family and/or dietary preferences.