7UP teams up with the emcee and songstress duet to promote summer recipes.
Credit: 7up.com

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Sir Mix-A-Lot is on your television and all over the internet cradling a Bundt cake to his smash hit “Baby Got Back” – or, in this case, “Baby Got Bundt.”




He’s one-half of a new marketing ploy by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group that’s garnering attention for a series of summer recipes hawking 7UP as the key ingredient. From cakes to biscuits and a slew of cocktails, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is betting their top dollar on Sir Mix-A-Lot to connect with consumers at every backyard soiree this summer.

And the other artist to step up to 7UP’s plate? New York Times’ Best-Selling Author and Country music star Trisha Yearwood, the host of Food Network’s Emmy-award-winning Southern Kitchen.

Starting this month, Yearwood’s own recipes can be found on the packaging of 12-packs of all varieties of 7UP. She’ll be sharing her tips for crafting dishes like teriyaki chicken, pulled chicken sliders, and sour-cream-frosted cherry cake – all using 7UP as a fun twist on a necessary ingredient.

While many resourceful cooks know that the carbonated lemon-lime soda can serve as a quick substitute to baking soda, we’re not so sure consumers will take the branded epicurean stunt too seriously when it comes to cooking meals this summer.

But don’t take our word for it – here are the 5 best recipes 7UP is repping on their brand new site. And, for safe measure, we’re following them up with our own dishes that are tried through-and-through fan favorites.1)   7UP Bundt Cake (Lemon-Lime Pound Cake)Definitely a fun and easy baking session for the hot summer season, we’re betting that this is 7UP’s best use in your kitchen. Try Southern Living’s beloved version as well.   

 2)   7UP Pancakes (Lemon Ricotta Pancakes)Have some time for breakfast fun this weekend? Try this cool alternative to your own favorite – and while you’re at it, try this one, too. It might just be your new favorite for fluffy deliciousness. 

 3)   7UP Easy Peach Ice Cream (Peach Ice Cream)It’s already heating up, and with school out for the summer, everyone in your family will be screaming for ice cream sooner or later. Try our lighter variation on a must-have all summer long. 

Credit: 7up.com

 4)   Sweet and Savory Chicken Empanadas (Mouthwatering Empanadas)For the more adventurous cook with some time to kill, these empanadas will be an appetizer hit when your friends and family are clamoring for finger food. Try all nine of our best chicken empanadas here

 5) Simple Chicken Marinade (Soda Pop-and-Soy Marinade)At some point this summer you’re going to be stressed for time, and using 7UP and a few other ingredients can bring your chicken dinner to life in a pinch. Check out our faster adaption right here.

Credit: 7up.com