We’ve heard a devastating rumor over here at Cooking Light headquarters: Is Millennial Pink really on the outs??

Sure, we’ve seen it around.  And okay, it DOES seem to be trending in the same way as, say, a no-whip-iced-skinny-latte-with-one-shot-of -sugar-free-vanilla-syrup and yoga pants. But you know what? We don’t give a damn. If you could see my desk right now, you might notice a perfectly pale shade of pink as my computer background.  You might see a glass water bottle encased in the most delicate shade of blush.  Oh, and there’s my light pink phone case.  And here are 7—no, wait—11, pink post it notes scattered around. Hold on, let me just check the time on my watch with the pink leather band.

The truth is, Millennial Pink has stuck for a reason. The shade hits a modern fresh note without ever feeling too girly, it compliments just about any skin tone, and it even vibes almost universally well in the world of food photography. Hating on this blushing hue might be a new trend sweeping the Internet, but the art department isn’t letting this one go.  We still—loyally, completely, and forever—love Millennial Pink, and here is our ode to its perfection, Cooking Light style.

What dish could better scream Millennial Pink than this gorgeous fish and some lovely slices of grapefruit?

OK. So the sauce is close enough to our MVP (most vital pink). We swear.

The hints of Millennial Pink in this swirly treat make us so happy.

We will never abandon these precious layers of the most perfect shade of pink. 

Serve this with some rosé, and make a toast to Millennial Pink. You will be missed.

This salad is so pretty in pink. 

If your steak isn't a little bit pink—What are you doing?

Embrace the pinky color of this delicious shrimp.

The chunks of Millennial Pink bacon are our favorite part. 

You can never have too many salmon dishes—especially when you're celebrating the best color to ever exist.

The prettiest Caesar salad on the most gorgeous Millennial Pink surface.

A pinkish treat for any occasion.