Everyone’s favorite banana is going to be live in the sky when the moon passes in front of the sun on August 21.
Credit: Courtesy of Chiquita / Youtube.

I’m sure you already have it clearly marked on your calendar, but in case you haven’t already pumped yourself up for it, a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse is scheduled to plunge areas of the United States into total darkness on Monday, August 21.

There’s been a flurry of marketing activity by many businesses and brands looking to cash in on the rare event – such as LensCrafters offering free eclipse glasses to visitors in Times Square back in July (many libraries will have free glasses on hand for viewing the eclipse, by the way).

But none are as bold as Chiquita, where the company is focusing on those who aren’t living along the line of totality, which are the areas of the United States where the sun will completely be covered up. A majority of Americans will see a sliver of the sun peek out from behind the moon in what Chiquita is claiming is the shape of – you guessed it – a banana.

Chiquita has often resorted to playfulness in their brand communications, but the latest ploy has the company taking credit for creating an “enormous, fiery, yellow banana in the sky.”

But what’s truly remarkable is the brand’s launch of TheBananaSun.com, a website where Chiquita will live-stream the entire solar eclipse starting at 9:15 a.m. PST. Chiquita will also share their stream on Facebook Live in conjunction with the pranksters behind Funny Or Die.

And starting today, a chat bot available via Chiquita’s Facebook page will tell fans what time exactly the eclipse will be visible to them based on their location.

So if you can’t seem to make it outside during the big event, or if you’re just a diehard banana fan and want to keep up with Chiquita, keep checking back on TheBananaSun.com for live updates and video packages all week.

Because secretly we all want to stay inside to enjoy a banana cream pie and take in this celestial event from our smartphone’s great wide window into the world, right?