The Big Little Lies and soon-to-be Star Wars star says “it's the part I most want to play in my life.”
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In a recent sit down with Advertising Age, actress Laura Dern discussed the advertising industry and confessed that she’s always worked hard to balance her renowned film and television projects with outlandishly paid advertising gigs.

When asked about her favorite advertisement, however, Dern gushed about a TV spot that she simply could never turn down.

“My number one favorite ad – and it's the part I most want to play in my life – is I want to be the new Madge from Palmolive,” Dern tells Advertising Age. “I loved women being fearless and sassy in the workplace.”

Credit: Christian Alminana / Getty Images

Palmolive’s “Madge” advertising campaign kicked off in 1966 and became a staple in American culture before finally exiting airwaves in 1994.

While she didn’t know it at the time, Jan Miner, an American actress who had appeared on small-time programs like Perry Mason and Boston Blackie, became an icon to the American public as Madge, the cheeky manicurist who hawked Palmolive while flippantly cracking one-liner zingers.



The campaign would later spawn international versions of Madge and her sassy quips across the globe – “Francoise” in France, “Marissa” in Finland, Denmark and Italy, and “Tilly” in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

Feeling a little nostalgic? Here's a round-up of the best Madge spots below: 







While we know that the ever-popular Dern is certainly busy trailblazing Hollywood in 2017 – she’s set to appear in the brand new Star Wars installment later this year – we can’t help but hope that Palmolive gives this leading lady a chance to breathe second life into our favorite dish-soap-wielding beautician.