Hurricane Harvey has devastated more than 450,000 Houston residents who are in dire need of disaster aid and has sent Texas, and many along the Gulf Coast, reeling.
Credit: Photo: San Antonio Food Bank.

What’s happening in Houston this week is heartbreaking for most, and as with all natural disasters, there’s a sense of hopelessness that harsh weather can bring. As a country, we’ve had the chance to see plenty of the terrible destruction that Hurricane Harvey has brought to one of Texas’ most vibrant cities.

The Los Angeles Times reports that nearly 30,000 people living in Houston now find themselves in shelters following widespread damage. More than 450,000 city residents are looking for disaster aid, and the National Guard as well as external groups such as the American Red Cross are already straining their resources.

But you don’t need to be in Houston to help as well.

When it comes to providing relief to those in Houston and the broader area affected by Harvey, here are some quick ways you can help those in need:

1) Houston Food Bank

This is one of Houston’s leading food bank that served more than 83 million meals in the last year alone. While their facility is currently ramping up to reopen after flood damage city-wide, they are asking volunteers to prepare to start serving those in dire need in the city and have established a Harvey-related donation portal for those who are willing to help. You can donate right here

2) San Antonio Food Bank

Credit: Photo: San Antonio Food Bank.

Many of those displaced in Houston and in other coastal communities are heading to the San Antonio area to seek refuge. The San Antonio Food Bank could use your help to address all of their residents and visitors while the storm continues. Donate to them right here.

3) Coalition For The Homeless

This is an umbrella organization coordinating shelters and organizations across Houston, and given the immense damage to homes and properties in the city, we know they could use your help. You can learn more about their mission and donate online via their website.  

4) Houston SPCA

It is an increasingly devastating narrative to hear – families are leaving behind their beloved pets and animals in homes in the wake of widespread emergency evacuation. You can help with rescue efforts for all life in Houston thanks to the Houston SPCA. Donate to their organization right here.

5) American Red Cross

Always at the forefront of disaster, the American Red Cross is in dire need of additional help. Support relief efforts via their website.