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Antara Sinha
June 22, 2017

Despite your best efforts, we understand that sometimes eating healthy can be stressful, cooking food can be a chore, and dining out comes with its own pros and cons. And, if there’s anything that the folks on Twitter know how to do, it’s sympathize with and shamelessly call out your struggles. From garlic bread woes to La Croix fanaticism, take a break from your cooking conundrums by checking out some of this week’s relatable kitchen complaints and food funnies from the Twittersphere – dad jokes and reaction gifs included.


Ponder this head-scratcher while you learn about the nutritional benefits of hot sauce.


While you’re rolling your eyes at this knee-slapper, check out how to make homemade tortillas.


Make these Honeydew-Jalepeño Margaritas to help ease the burn.



Add these white wines to your list of summer favorites.



Avoid summer grilling fails with our tips and tricks.



Check out our lighter, fresher alterative to microwaved pizza rolls to save you from the heartache.



Our dinner salads make for super filling standalone meals.



Here’s our complete explainer on every type of milk you could ever want.



Add this Trader Joe’s new spice blend to your pantry to jazz up your breakfast.



Check out this other restaurant copy-cat of an appetizer favorite.



You need this La Croix Piña Colada in your life.



Here’s a reminder that you’re not alone in your peanut butter addiction.



Get away from cooking for a whole week with these meal prep basics.



Avoid the long lines and name-butchering with this guide on everything you need to know to make your best cup of coffee at home.




Here’s how to use up your avocados before they spontaneously self-destruct.


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