For the foodie in your life—Even if you are the foodie in your life. Treat yourself.
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If you haven't looked on Etsy in a while for food-themed gifts, you're missing out. Lately, I'm loving the selection of different and unique gifts, so I gathered a list of personal favorites that will be perfect for hostess gifts, birthday presents, or a little "treat yourself" moment this summer. (If you need my address for shipping, just let me know). Does your day need a little food fun? Shop my favorite foodie flair with these 9 Etsy items:

Quirky toast personalities that would look adorable on my fridge make for the perfect way to start the day, or at least pass the time while my toast cooks.

Thank you notes should show some of your personality, so if you love food, there's no reason not to share that tidbit about yourself while also saying thanks for a sweet gift. Plus they're punny—need I say more? 

Lose the plastic and look cute all at the same time. I love how colorful this tote bag is; it might even make me forget how packed the farmers' market can be on Saturday morning. I'm making this my go-to bag for fresh fruits and veggies this morning. Ok, and maybe some local honey, and that cute necklace I saw last time I was there...

Have you heard? Pineapples are a thing right now. Get out these modern napkins any day of the week. They're casual but chic all at the same time, and I love that they take a black-and-white spin on the traditional cutesy pineapple swag.

Another way to spend your money on avocado toast! Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, and this is basically the same thing: declaring your love for your beloved toast by sporting it all day long on a gold chain. 

You wouldn’t believe the amount of sushi washi tape choices on etsy. Sushi washi—just say it. Then buy it. Then stick it to all the things. Even if you don't scrapbook, you'll find yourself making excuses to tape things to other things, just to use this cute tape.

The friend who has everything definitely doesn't have this. It's almost too cute to open, which is good because no one will even care what's inside when they see the cute paper!

This retro dress makes me want to put on some red lipstick and heels! 

There's something so perfect about a dainty gold necklace that's also a statement piece. This spoon drop necklace is the perfect layering jewelry with a chunkier necklace topper. Witty packaging too.