Some of them are, um, really out there.

Eating habits and food preferences can be super personal (and often quite divisive!) There have been hyperbolic wars fought over pineapple on pizza, and a viral video was born after a woman dipped chicken fingers into her soda at the U.S. Open. All that to say: everyone has weird food habits—some are definitely more out there than others—and those of us who work at Cooking Light and MyRecipes (we share offices!) are not so different.

The other day one of us put the question out there, and I think we were all a little surprised at the answers we got (and quick to defend the answers we gave). So we figured we'd share them with you. We’ve allowed everyone to remain anonymous, so you can’t *outwardly* judge us. Without further ado, here are our weirdest food habits…..(finicky eaters, you might wanna close this tab.)

“I smell everything before I eat it, which by itself isn’t that weird, but I take the craziest measures to smell food. One time I was at a nice buffet, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted the cheese, so I grabbed it with the tongs and put it up to my nose. I smelled it and decided to pass, so I put the cheese back.”

“I purposely burn popcorn and leave marshmallows out to get stale before I eat them.”

“I eat all of my leftovers cold. They’re just better that way.”

“I cannot bear the smell of soft, untoasted pita, so I have to microwave it until it’s rock solid. Also, I can’t cook food on my sheet pans without tin foil.”

“I love green olive and cream cheese sandwiches.”

“I eat ketchup on samosa, pineapple on pizza, and crushed potato chips on vanilla ice cream.”

“I drench everything in hot sauce, red pepper flakes, or straight cayenne pepper. The food becomes inedible for everyone else.”

“I’ll eat the skin on any fruit that isn’t citrus, or a banana.”

“White food, in general, is disgusting. I didn't eat anything white for decades. I met my mother in-law and I didn't realize my husband had told her this. She would casually be like, ‘Um, what color would you say mushrooms are?’ It's mostly dairy-oriented. White shouldnt have flavor.”

“I blend frozen cauliflower and boiled sweet potatoes in smoothies. I also like raw oats better than cooked.”

“I eat dry ramen straight out of the packet. It’s good, like chips.”

“I eat the shrimp shells.”

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