Macka B's viral hit 'Cucumba' is making the rounds on the Internet – here's what you should know about the reggae artist.
Credit: VP Music Group, Inc

Macka B is a reggae artist with a wildly popular YouTube channel dedicated to healthy, plant-based eating. He recently released his album ‘Health Is Wealth’, which includes his viral hit, ‘Cucumba’ – a song about, you guessed it, cucumbers! 'Cucumba' has amassed over 43 million views so far on UNILAD’s Facebook page and has received support in the UK on BBC Radio One, in NYC by Ebro on Hot 97FM and LA by BigBoy on iHeart Real 92.3.

Macka B says, “I never anticipated this, because I wasn’t doing it for success. Reggae music is all about socially conscious lyrics; I try to be positive and lift people up. There’s so much sickness in the community, and I want to tell people that putting good things in your body is better for you.”

The artist says the topics covered on his YouTube channel – which range from cucumbers to sesame seeds to slippery elm – are all things he regularly eats.

He says, “I’ve eaten this way for the majority of my life. I grew up in a traditional Jamaican family where all of the mothers and grandmothers swore by herbal cures. I researched these herbal cures as I got older, and found out that natural foods have medicinal properties. More people should know about natural foods rather than relying on medicine.”

Macka B also adopted the vegan lifestyle decades ago. He says, “I went vegetarian at 16. I was eating meat and connecting it to the animal in my mind, and suddenly it wasn’t tasting (sic) so good so I cut out meat. I was still having bad stomachaches, and when I cut out dairy, I never got sick again. That was 20 years ago, and now my whole family, including children and grandchildren, are vegan.” 

Macka B creates YouTube videos as a way to break the stigma associated with vegans. He says, “I’m a big guy, so people know I’m not just eating grass all day.” That’s why he started his YouTube channel series called “What Me Eat Wednesday” seven years ago – to show people that there’s more for vegans to munch on than just leafy greens. People often leave comments like: “You've gotten me interested in Jamaican food and Jamaican culture. Thanks Macca (sic) B for inspiring me to learn about something new” and “This is the best way to learn about health benefits of vegetables and fruits”.

So, whether you're searching for how to incorporate certain herbs into your diet or the best ways to use 'cucumbas', Macka B's YouTube channel is a great source for plant-based inspiration.