Being the type that loves anything to do with food—thinking about it, talking about it, consuming it, etc—I get really excited when a movie I am watching has a really incredible scene dedicated to just that—food.  Here are some of my faves!  


 1. The grilled cheese scene in the movie Chef.This movie has a TON of great food scenes, but this is for sure my favorite.This scene is so incredibly well done.  The art direction and cinematography are so good and the end result is that you want to EAT THAT SANDWICH NOW.  Which I am thinking was the director’s goal.  I am such a nerd that I even watched the behind the scenes extras where Roy Choi makes a debut!  He taught Jon Favreau the ins and outs of a kitchen.  Favreau worked in a few of Choi’s kitchens to get the legit experience.  Authenticity is probably why this scene is so convincingly drool-worthy.


 2. Spaghetti being destroyed by the most beautiful woman ever in Eat, Pray, Love.I mean, this clip is worth watching just to see the amount of spaghetti Julia Roberts can inhale in one bite.  It’s pretty amazing.  The scene starts off with two young lovers showing some PDA and then Julia Roberts gives them a run for their money with the sheer jubilation she has from this delicious pasta dish. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing the most beautiful person in the world eat/prays/and loves pasta just as much if not more than you.



 3. The most epic food fight from my childhood: Hook. First and foremost this is one of my favorite movies from childhood…and its actually still good as an adult-I know cause I’ve watched it in my adult life.  The lost boys are all sitting at a big banquet table with empty serving platters and trays.  You feel quite sad for the boys, but don’t worry; they use their imaginations and dream up an epic spread.  It’s a feast for the eyes since the food is all dreamt up, out-of-this-world, extraordinary feast of foods that don’t exist but in Neverland.  And then there is the food fight. The colors!  The textures! The fun! I still want to have a food fight-that someone else has to clean up!



4. "I love Butter" from Julie and Julia. 

“The answer is always butter.”  Need I say more?