You'll want to bookmark every one of these sites.
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If you're planning to go vegan, or have already done so and realized you have no idea what you're doing, it can be a daunting task. While it's easier than ever to live free of animal products, those who are new to the lifestyle can benefit from a little advice and the occasional recipe inspiration. Below are five websites that are wonderful resources for new vegans, featuring everything from nutrition questions to product recommendations. 

Vegan Action

Vegan Action is the non-profit organizations behind that handy little label stating "Certified Vegan" on products. Created in 1995, making it one of the oldest vegan sites on the web, the organization has dedicated themselves to improve the world by promoting a vegan lifestyle. When certifying products and companies, which they conveniently list on their website, each item must be verified as not containing any animal ingredients or being used in any animal testing. Vegan Action is working hard to make it easy to know what is vegan-friendly when you're out shopping. 


Known more for their print magazine, VegNews is also a wonderful online resource for vegan-related reading. Whether it's food news, like Ben & Jerry's releasing new non-dairy flavors, or just a round-up of their favorite plant-based macaroni and cheese recipes, VegNews will keep vegans and veg-curious readers alike entertained. Not just focusing on the food aspect, VegNews also covers other topics like living an eco-friendly lifestyle, traveling, and vegan product round-ups.


Interested in going vegan and have zero idea where to start? TryVeg makes it easy with their free starter guide. Simply fill out a form online, and you'll get an information-packed guide in the mail with vegan recipes, facts about how veganism impacts animals and the plant, and nutrition tips. If you don't want to wait on the postman, their website is also a wonderful resource for those just getting into the plant-based lifestyle. They have a glossary of 'vegan' terms (looking at you, nutritional yeast), ideas for meals and snacks, and a helpful FAQ section.

Driftwood Magazine

Both a digital and print publication, Driftwood Magazine is a bit different than other vegan media outlets. Driftwood shies away from recipe or product reviews, focusing instead on travel and culture. Their site and magazine features guides to foreign lands, reports on fascinating people through their Vegan Faces series, and witty book reviews. If you're looking for something a little different, but still animal-friendly to read, then Driftwood is what you need.

The Flaming Vegan

Like a hive mind of plant-based ideas, The Flaming Vegan has vegan bloggers from across the web who cover a variety of topics. Everything from delicious recipes to gardening tips to nutrition guides are available on their site, meaning you're likely to learn something new (or find a new dish to cook) every time you visit.