Pinterest users love this fish recipe enough that it has appeared nearly 350,000 times on the site.
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Salmon is one of those ubiquitous firsts for diners when they begin approaching refined fish dishes. Many feel safe remaining squarely in this comfort zone, reaching out for a beautiful cut of salmon again and again – not to say that salmon isn’t delicious and a great protein to cook with, but there's more fish in the sea to sample.

Salmon isn’t the end-all, be-all of seafood cuisine, and we have some Pinterest numbers to prove this.

Pinterest is an awesome place for the home chef to draw copious amounts of inspiration into their daily cooking. And Cooking Light has long been doling out our very best when it comes to visually stunning and equally healthy meals.

We often keep our eye on our numbers, and the math doesn't lie – our Sea Bass with Citrus Salsa recipe has appeared on Pinterest nearly 350,000 times.

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Sea bass is a top performer for this platform that celebrates both stunning food and the ability to recreate a dish in your own kitchen. This fish dinner's popularity might be due to the delicate, rich texture that is the cornerstone of any sea bass dish, and something not easily replicated in other seafood varieties.

Credit: Randy Mayor

Unlike other cuts of fish, salmon in particular, sea bass can be also be prepped in a variety of ways that accentuate natural flavors – whether it be oven-roasted or expertly steamed. It can also hold it’s own among really strong flavors and dense dishes with many ingredients, which isn’t true of many other fish.

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Next time you’re staring down a sea bass on ice at your local fish monger or market, reconsider your dinner – and take note from the thousands of Pinterest users who have already enjoyed this healthy meal.