Learn about the app that will save you time, stress, and result in delicious meals every time. 
Credit: Photo: Getty Images/Cozi

There's little worse than planning your grocery list while standing in the middle of the grocery store. You're tired, hungry, and oh-so ready for dinner and, hey, are those cookies? No one needs that drama.The free Cozi app (owned by Cooking Light's parent company, Time Inc) takes all the effort out of meal planning. No need to dog ear pages in your magazine or ask Facebook friends what they're making. You can stop texting yourself the shopping list, or scribbling it on the back of that work document. And definitely no more last minute, budget-breaking, unhealthy additions to the grocery cart. We're looking at you, cookies.

Trust us, Cozi will save both your wallet and your sanity. And, did we mention, it's free!

Cozi lets you save recipes from your favorite brands in one place–no more wondering where you saw that great chicken recipe. It's stored in your Recipe Box. Then you can use the calendar to move the recipes to a specific day, or even next week. Cozi makes planning easy, so you’ve got a no-fail dinner situation in place, and no excuse to call for takeout on a busy weeknight.

Even better, Cozi makes cooking your meal easier. When you cook, use your Cozi app to bring up the recipe and the app will keep your screen from going idle. No more swiping your phone again and again trying to recall exactly how much milk the recipe called for; the recipe will stay on your screen the whole time.

Check out Cozi today and see how it can make your life easier.