Our November double issue is chock-full of delicious and easy dinner options. This week, we're highlighting a few of these recipes along with some of our older dinner favorites. Be sure to pick up the November issue to find even more. It's available for download on tablets and on newsstands now.

Monday: Low-fat cream cheese and silky marcarpone cheese combine to make a dreamy sauce for this Creamy Mascarpone and Spinach Linguine. Fresh lemon rind adds zing and freshness. Serve with Green Beans with Walnuts for a simple side with this delicious meatless Monday meal.

Tuesday: I have always loved a stuffed baked potato. We have a barbecue restaurant here in Birmingham that serves the best stuffed potatoes. It's piled high with chicken, broccoli, green onions, and a vinegar-mayo white barbecue sauce. These Spinach and Ham Stuffed Baked Potatoes are a perfect substitute when I want a faster (and much, much lighter) option for weeknight dinners. It's also kid-friendly and makes great leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Serve with a seasonal salad like our Apple Salad with Mustard Dressing to complete the meal.

Wednesday: The great thing about this recipe is that it can be repeated again and again with different fish, and you'll have a completely different dish every time. This week, however, try the Salmon with Polenta and Warm Tomato Vinaigrette recipe as written. The vinaigrette is super fresh and bright. It compliments the creamy polenta beautifully. It's almost a complete meal, but add Chopped Tricolor Salad to get an additional serving of veggies.

Thursday: If you aren't a potpie fan, be prepared to be converted. And if you already love potpies, be prepared to be amazed. These Tamale Chicken Potpies are fast--ready in under 45 minutes--and combine favorite Mexican flavors with the comfort-food appeal of a chicken potpie. Serve with a side of our Spicy Black Beans to finish off the meal. If you have any salad left from earlier this week, a side salad would be a great thing here, too.

Friday: Forget takeout on this Friday night. We're making a fast favorite, Quick and Easy Fried Rice. This recipe slashes the sodium and calories of traditional restaurant varieties, plus you can control what's in it more easily. Want more heat? Add a bit more chili-garlic sauce? Like more veggies? Up the edamame or bell pepper.

Dessert Bonus: Make a batch of Easy Individual Apple Crisps for a fast and lovely fall dessert. These don't take long, so you can put them in when you're eating, or prepare them and pop them into the oven as soon as you're done. They can cook while you clean. Serve warm--and may I suggest a scoop of frozen Greek yogurt?

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