Every Sunday, we publish a week of Cooking Light dinner plans—new recipes from current issues matched with previously published favorites. Each meal is designed to be ready and on the table in 45 minutes or less. This week, we’re celebrating summer!

Monday: Start off the week with this bright, summery pasta dish. Find yourself some juicy, plump cherry tomatoes, use this trick to cut them, and if Monday calls for a glass of wine with dinner, pour yourself a small glass of dry rosé.

Tuesday: Don't be deterred by the number of ingredients, this dinner comes together super fast. Combine a couple of ingredients, coat the chicken and throw it on the grill pan, then combine the rest to make a pineapple mixture. Super easy, super quick, super delicious. Serve with Yogurt Rice with Cumin and Chile, which comes together in 5 minutes.

Wednesday: Were you thinking you wanted a Cooking Light-approved dinner that comes together in 11 minutes tonight? Challenge accepted. Oh-so-cheesy, 5-star-worthy, Grilled Ham, Muenster, and Spinach Sandwiches are what we have planned. Serve with a simple spinach salad. If you have the extra time, whip up one of the vinaigrettes from our May issue like the tomato-basil vinaigrette, or the grapefruit-poppy seed. If not, check out our favorite Italian and balsamic vinaigrettes here.

Thursday: Fire up the grill, and keep the heat out of your kitchen tonight. This dish combines lots of good-for-you ingredients like arugula, jicama, and avocado. To get dinner on the table in 40 minutes combine the shrimp and seasonings and slice the jicama while the grill preheats. Then, while the shrimp cooks, make the vinaigrette, and slice and season the mango. Finally, while the mango cooks, assemble the salad.


Friday: Friday calls for pizza! This one has all the makings of a great pizza: chicken, blue cheese, barbecue sauce -- no wonder it's a reader favorite! While that's in the oven, whip up these super quick Grilled Peaches with Honey Cream.

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