Every Sunday, we publish a week of Cooking Light dinner plans filled with our favorite recipes—both from current issues and classics. Each meal is designed to be ready and on the table in about an hour so that you have more time to enjoy the food you’ve prepared and the company of those you’ve prepared it for.

If you like having a healthy meal plan but want something customized to your dietary or caloric needs, check out The Cooking Light Diet. It’s a calorie-driven weekly meal plan—breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner—based on your dieting goals and food preferences.

This week's plan is filled with superfast (20 minutes or less) meal ideas. It's so beautiful outside (well, at least here in Alabama), so we want to help you get your dinner made and eaten quickly so you can head outdoors to soak in some late-day sunshine.

Monday: Say hello to next-level breakfast for dinner. Inspired by a traditional crispy, potato-studded Spanish tortilla, our quick-fix fluffy Spanish "Tortilla" Omelet is topped with potato chips for a touch of crunch. Serve with a salad if you want more of a dinner feel, or a fruit cup if you want something a bit sweeter.

Tuesday: A crunchy coating from a snacktime favorite is sure to win big with the kids--especially when paired with a creamy garlic dip. These Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breast Tenders will be a sure favorite for the whole family and will earn a spot on your regular rotation. Instead of the garlic dipping sauce, honey mustard would be good, too. Serve with a green side of Haricots Verts with Shallots and Pine Nuts. If you don't want to splurge on pine nuts, walnuts are great, too.

Wednesday: Spring's favorite vegetable shines in this quick Steak and Asparagus Stir-Fry. Serve with precooked jasmine rice, available in pouches on the rice aisle, and you'll have this meal on the table in a flash.

Thursday: Rotisserie chicken makes these creamy and surprisingly flavorful Greek-Style Chicken Wraps come together quickly. Use your favorite hummus, or make your own earlier in the week for your snacks--then save some for this dinner. On the side, roast some of your favorite veggies, or opt for these Butter-Roasted Carrots, which is the perfect three-ingredient side for almost any meal.

Friday: It isn't quite burger season yet, but that shouldn't step you from enjoying sliders tonight. These Pork Sliders with Smashed Avocado are a superfast sandwich solution with all the satisfying flavors of your favorite burgers. Don't skip the Microwave Sweet Potato Chips. Pro tip: You'll need a mandoline to slice the potato thin enough to crisp.

Dessert Bonus: I picked up a French vanilla pound cake at Fresh Market last week and then needed a sauce to take it up a notch for a dinner with friends. That's when I stumbled on this Mocha Chocolate Sauce with Pound Cake. You can make your own pound cake if you want, but many grocery stores have great options. Top with whatever fruit you have on hand, or pick up some berries at the farmers' market (if they're in season near you).

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