We're halfway though #EatAtHomeJan, and it's not as easy as I thought it'd be.
Credit: Ted Thomas/Getty Images

We’re halfway through Eat at Home January (or #EatAtHomeJan if you're on social media), and I have to be honest with you guys, this challenge has been really difficult for me. I’ve had about five meals where I’ve fallen off the wagon. We went on a three-day vacation to San Francisco, and though we made breakfasts in our Airbnb kitchen, it was so hard to pack the rest of our meals...and resist Chinatown’s dumplings! I just couldn't do it.

Even though I haven’t perfectly adhered to the plan, I’ve already lost two pounds and I’m saving more money. It turns out, those daily coffee runs and dinners out add up quickly. Even though I’m loving those side effects, one thing I’m not crazy about is how eating at home has messed with my relationship.

My husband doesn’t cook. Not at all. So every night I’m the one making dinner. To be fair, he helps out a lot. When we're not doing this challenge, he’ll bring home takeout or we’ll go out a few times a week. But this month it’s been really tough. He’ll offer to help me cook, but 99% of the time I’m in the kitchen and he’s watching Netflix on the couch.

To stay accountable, realistically, I need help. So, this week I’m challenging my husband to make dinner at least once. And to help him out, I've chosen recipes that are pretty much foolproof, and that take less than 45 minutes to make (I'll give him an hour and a half, just in case). As for me? I’d like to pour myself a glass of wine, prop my feet up, and watch The Bachelor. (Don’t judge!)

How are you doing so far? Email me at theprep@cookinglight.com and let me know, or tag your photos with #EatAtHomeJan.