This is a meal that just keeps on giving.
Credit: Photo: Getty Images / LauriPatterson

Rotisserie chicken is one supermarket find that never disappoints, and it’s an easy way to get dinner on the table without cooking anything (just microwave a bag of frozen veggies to round out the meal, and voila!). Here’s the best part: If you have leftover rotisserie chicken, you’re not stuck with days’ worth of sad and dry microwaved meat, either.

Because rotisserie chicken is so versatile, a sprinkle of spice or drizzle of sauce can give it a second life — and you’ll never suffer from meal fatigue. The next time you have extra rotisserie chicken meat lying around, use it in one of these quick and easy meals to get the most bang for your cluck. (Sorry.)

15-Minute Chicken Shawarma Bowls

15 minutes is all you’ll need to make this easy Middle Eastern-inspired bowl. Relying on the power of tahini and yogurt, you can throw all of these ingredients together in just few minutes and enjoy a rich, satisfying meal that's under 400 calories.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup

Snow peas, spinach, and spices simmer to create a flavorful soup base – add your leftover chicken and watch as this warm dish comes to life.

Barbecue Chicken and Blue Cheese Pizza

This 20-minute meal harnesses the power of pre-made pizza dough and combines roasted chicken and blue cheese for a crowd-pleasing pie.

Kale Caesar Quinoa Salad with Roasted Chicken

Fashion a new lunch out of last night's dinner with this lightened-up Caesar salad. It’s packed with energy-boosting ingredients like leafy greens and roasted walnuts to help you power through the day.

Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

A delicious and creamy sauce meets fresh veggies and leftover chicken for a lighter twist on an all-time favorite comfort dish.