We all have our go-to drinks that find their way onto our tables instead of water – but maybe there's a wholesome substitute you can make right at home with less sugar, less calories and overall less guilt.
Credit: Sara Tane

There isn't a worse feeling in the world than when a favorite product is recalled or revamped by a producer – or, dare we say, removed from the shelf forever. This is especially true for the beverage industry, where major soft drink companies often try and revitalize a product that millions of consumers have come to depend on. Staple beverages will always be a constant on the market, but the list continues to grow of once-popular drinks that have now gone extinct – my greatest personal loss was Diet Coke Plus in 2009. 

You should always primarily incorporate fresh water as a beverage alongside your meals and throughout the day. And yet we'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't admit that we enjoy a sweet beverage from time to time – but that doesn't mean you should reach for a product you become dependent on, especially when it's probably not anything contributing to a healthy lifestyle. 

There's a way to avoid the pain of losing beloved grocery store finds, enjoy a refreshing sweetened drink, and maintain a healthy diet at the same time – and it starts and ends with you in the kitchen. Tea, carbonated mixes, and a slew of mocktails are the key to mixing your day-to-day menu up without pounding back sugary additives. Follow us as we share some shockingly simple recipes that work well all day long, all year long. 

1) Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

Credit: Jennifer Causey

If you're buying this prepackaged, you're playing yourself – a few low-cost ingredients whisked together makes a large serving of the naturally sticky-sweet refreshment you can enjoy over an entire week. 

2) Grapefruit Soda

Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

A great alternative to those of us who go crazy for half-and-half carbonated blends, with just about 40 calories per glass.

3) Honey-Lemon Spritz

This doubles as an amazing alcoholic refresher, but it's just as fabulous minus the booze and a great alternative to packaged lemon-lime sodas.

4) Celery Soda

This Celery Soda is herbaceous and slightly peppery with a wonderfully dry finish.

5) Bubbly Iced Tea

This Bubbly Iced Tea totally calls for a funky koozie and is perfect by the pool. Feel free to sweeten with natural sugars or add a squeeze of lemon without guilt tripping yourself.

6) Citrus Tea Punch

Credit: Photo: Jan Smith

Orange juice and lemonade concentrate are two matches made in heaven when they're added to tea.

7) Faux Piña Colada

Credit: Sara Tane

La Croix beverages are always a fan favorite that err on the side of being a safe bet for all meals, but you can definitely get tired of the same old flavor all the time. Give this update a whirl, with or without the liquor involved.