When it comes to easy, healthy breakfast options, it's hard to beat a comforting bowl of overnight oats. Here we round up our favorite recipes, with a savory twist, that will make you happy to wake up in the morning.

By Jamie Vespa
February 21, 2017
Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

As self-proclaimed breakfast enthusiasts, we feel a special kinship to overnight oats and recognize that their potential is vastly undervalued. It’s easy to top one of the lowest-maintenance breakfasts with fruit and honey and carry on with your morning, but we refuse to settle for the standard. You may appreciate a sweet bowl first thing in the morning, but your taste buds deserve to be woken up to big, bold flavors. Our recipes will reward you for being up at the crack of dawn with the perfect mix of rich flavor, chewy texture, and crunch in every bite.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

Miso-Glazed Banana and Bacon Overnight Oats

Get a rockin’ start to your day with our Elvis-inspired oats recipe. Miso adds worlds of savory depth to caramelized bananas and crispy bits of bacon. Add any combination of nuts and seeds you like for a crunchy contrast.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

Coconut Curry Chickpea Overnight Oats with Roasted Red Peppers

For the morning person looking to start their day with a fiery kick, these coconut curry chickpeas are just what your overnight oats need. Creamy coconut milk and spicy curry powder join forces in an ultra-flavorful sauce. Topped with roasted red peppers for a pop of color, this savory bowl is a balanced, satiating dish.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

Turmeric-Poached Egg Overnight Oats

Adding turmeric to the poaching liquid imparts a deep golden hue and warming spice to the egg. This recipe invites a meaty umami burst with pancetta and crunchy bits of pistachios. Garnish with microgreens for a wispy finish.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato Overnight Oats with Pancetta and Tahini

Who says you can't show a little love to sheet pan veggies in the morning? We roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes to crisp perfection, making them the ultimate addition to a savory bowl oats. Salty pancetta and a drizzle of tahini add a jolt of flavor and are sure to keep you full until lunch.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

Asian Sesame Red Cabbage Overnight Oats with Cashews

In this Asian-inspired bowl, crispy red cabbage is sautéed with sesame oil and Sambal Oelek for a breakfast that is sure to awaken the taste buds. Crowned with crunchy cashew topping and crisp green onions, this recipe takes stir-fry to the next level.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

Grilled Avocado and Chili-Spiced Egg Overnight Oats

A grilled avocado elevates this flavorful overnight oats bowl with its charred flesh and cool, creamy interior. Crowned with a 6-minute egg and garnished with spicy chili flakes, this breakfast will keep you satisfied 'til lunchtime.