Thin slicing and marinating are keys to this summer side dish.

We've all seen them on the salad bar. Raw mushrooms—sad, dry, and untouched—sitting alone in their serving container. The majority of mushroom-based recipes call for cooking this delicious fungi, giving the raw version an undeserved bad reputation.

When properly prepared, raw mushrooms take on delicious flavor and a delightfully soft texture that makes them the perfect summer side dish. Cooking mushrooms can be time-consuming, especially when trying to avoid a soggy mess from an overcrowded pan. Instead, keep things simple and quick by turning to our favorite raw mushroom recipe.

Mushroom Carpaccio with Gremolata and Shaved Parmigiano is the ultimate summer salad. Bursting with flavor thanks to a dash of fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon, the naturally umami-rich mushrooms get an extra boost by sprinkling shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese over top. Thinly-sliced mushrooms, a mix of button variety and cremini, tenderize quickly after a quick marinate in the tangy dressing.

View Recipe: Mushroom Carpaccio with Gremolata and Shaved Parmigiano

This simple recipe proves how just a few fresh ingredients can transform ordinary raw mushrooms into brilliantly-flavorful fungi. Whip together this easy salad for weeknight meals, or prep just before heading to your next cookout. Either way, it's sure to become a family favorite.