The Vietnamese noodle soup we love to slurp for dinner is actually a breakfast food. You won’t believe how easy it is to make at home. 
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The fragrant beef, chicken, or pork and noodle soup we love is actually the breakfast of champions, according to cookbook author Andrea Nguyen. “It’s a fabulous wake-up call that energizes and satisfies,” she says. This is how the soup was always eaten: Pho vendors in Vietnam would start their broths before dawn, open their shops at sunrise, and sell out by midmorning before the day got too hot. The soup is fortifying and hydrating without being heavy, and a dose of sliced fresh chiles will almost certainly wake you up.

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View Recipe: Quick Chicken Pho

Here, Nguyen shares her speedy, streamlined chicken pho from The Pho Cookbook. A traditional pho broth can take several hours, but Nguyen shortcuts the process by bruising the aromatics and giving them a good sauté before adding the liquid, using whole, toasted spices, and poaching the chicken in the broth for even more flavor. Enjoy the soup for breakfast, brunch, or any meal, especially if you’re feeling a bit run down (this is the chicken noodle cure-all of your dreams). Customize each bowl with any combination of garnishes, just like you’d see at your favorite pho joint.